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Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets "Annual All Staff Appreciation Banquet Dinner" at Ben's Chili Bowl 12-9-18

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"The Ben's Chili Bowl 60th Anniversary Celebration on 8-22-18" 



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"4th Annual Elvans Road Community Day Cookout/Entertainment Event" on 8-11-18"

Mr. Garry Clark Sr. of (Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets) and Mr. Nathaniel Morgan of (Ntertainment Masters) has been collaborating together in order to serve our communities by bring the much needed issues of "Peace in the Streets" to the for front, and also bring our communities together by expanding our resources. We would like to collectively extend our prayer to the family of our Royal Queen Ms. Makiyah Wils

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"3rd Annual Elvans Road Community Day Cookout/Entertainment Event" 6-24-17

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"13th Annual Feed the Homeless 5K Walk and Run for Homeless Veterans"
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The Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets "13th Annual Feed the Homeless 5K Walk and Run for Homeless Veterans" was held on 7-14-18 at Freedom Plaza - Washington DC. The event was an success in that Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets accomplished it's goal which was to extend support to the homeless veterans and under served homeless in our city by providing food, information, and health care that is needed for their everyday well being. Such goal was constantly highlighted by our host (Mr. Garry Clark Sr.), presentations of artist and special quest. For further information on accomplishing our goals please contact us at (202) 704-8620.
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Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets performed a promotional interview for our upcomming "13th Annual Feed the Homeless 5K Walk and Run for Homeless Veterans" event on the News Channel 8 "Let's Talk LiveDC" show with host Ms. Julie Wright. Featured on this segment was the tap dancing duo "Baltimore Dynamics Dancers" who performed at the event.
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 The 12th Annual Feed the Homeless Community Awareness Day and 5K Walk for the Homeless. 

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 Click Here to Register for the 2019 5K Walk (Time and Date TBD) 

"Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets awards Ben's Chili Bowl at Rev. Martin L. King Birthday Celebration"

Ben's Chili Bowl is a landmark restaurant in Washington, D.C., located at 1213 U Street NW. It is known locally for its chili dogs, half-smokes, and milkshakes, and has been an integral part of the neighborhood's history since its founding in 1958. It was frequented by both police and protesters during the 1968 Washington DC riots, and is regularly visited by celebrities, politicians and just plain old regular neighborhood folks. Ben's Chili bowl also has been a longtime avid supporter of Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets. On 1-15-18 in commemoration of the "Rev. Martin L. King Birthday Celebration", Ben's Chili Bowl was honored by Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets for its rich and loyal community support.

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Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets staff meets with DC Public School official

On 2-1-15 Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets staff met with DC Public School official to share ideas and information for future collaborations.

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"Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets and the National Children Center (NCC)"
On 4-14-18, Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets volunteers got their hands dirty at the National Childrens Center "Farm Fit Program" 2018 Season Opening. (NCC’s) Urban Farm and Tree Orchard (located in Southeast Washington, DC) is a great place for community engagement and partnerships. Through the farm, (NCC) provides healthy food options in the Ward 8 community.      
The (NCC) Farm Fit Program helps with the maintenance and upkeep needed for the site. The continuous farming includes turning over beds, feedings, and other labor activities. Volunteers experience a great workout while helping to maintain the land. NCC welcomes community partners such as Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets to volunteer. 

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"Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets and WHUR 96.3 Daily Drum Interview"

On 5-15-18 Mr. Garry Clark Sr. (CEO/Founder/President) of Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets was asked to sit in on a panel discussion on the topic of "Researching Guns and Shootings in DC" by Mr. Harold Fisher, commentator for the  WHUR 96.3 Radio Station - Daily Drum Program. Also sitting in on this panel discussion was Ms. Courtney Snowden, DC Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity and Mr.  Vincent Gray, (D) DC Councilmember Ward 7. See full interview on the following link.....http://whur.com/podcasts/daily-drum-insight-segment/addressing-dcs-deadly-gun-violence/




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