Garry Clark gold

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Garry Clark, Sr.
Co-Founder/CEO, Pep

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Rally for Peace in the Streets
2501 Good Hope Road
Washington, DC 20019 

Phone: 202-704-8620 

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Remember “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”.  We are all in this together!!!!


The VDay dinner at the Clarks

The founders grand daughter Azlyn Mae Clark #24 and
his son Garry Clark Jr. at her last game in Nebrasks........

Turning 12 in March 2021 Happy Birthday



A message from my son and 

daughter-in- law Tina 

May we all follow in this path....


Garry Clark Jr recovering,  lets lift him up


Garry Clark Jr making  his way in speaking to America


Garry Clark Jr. and  his new found friend in Seattle Washington Ms.Aleaae Vedder 
A life time friend of Garry Clark Sr.





Garry Clark Sr. Of Pep Rally for Peace in the Srreets in the late 80's as lead rapper for the Go-Go band The Mighty PeaceMakers Band with Ali ( Bob Rogers) and Hassan Radhadd (Loose Booty).......



Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets founders grandson
Delano Clark hits 19 points in a win in Nebraska his team scored 4 points . 

The Clark legacy continues......


The Beautiful Clark Women My daughter-in-law Tina

and my awesome Grandbaby Girl Azlyn Mae "Azzie) 2021


Just the one with the three of us
Three generations of strong Black men
Mr.Garry Clark Jr., Mr.Branes his granddad and
Mr. Garry Clark Sr. History has been made.






Garry Clark: Rich or poor, we are all renters. Be kind.

This loss of life hurts. I can talk about business and entrepreneurs digging deep to innovate and move us forward.

Or I can talk about the complexities of COVID-19 and how its serious attempt at being a permanent fixture in our lives rivals hate and racism.

Click on Picture for the full Byline by Garry Clark Jr, Omaha World Herald