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 Washington, D.C. Saturday July 8, 2017 between 12pm and 8pm on Freedom Plaza

Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets (PRPIS) and the Chuck Brown Foundation is proud to host its 12th Annual Feed the Homeless Community Awareness Day and new 5K Walk for the Homeless and Homeless Veterans. This year’s theme is serving our homeless veterans and heightening the awareness of our city’s homeless youth and senior citizens in our Nation’s Capital and of the many resources that can be provided. Our country’s Veterans need those of us who enjoy the freedom of life to stand beside them, as our youth need us to lead them. Let us join together hand and hand to change the face of homelessness (today not tomorrow). For the above to happen, remember “It takes a Village".

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The 5K Walk will be between 8a.m to 11:30a.m. beginning at East Potomac Park at Hain’s Point located on Ohio Drive SW Washington, D.C. The walk will circle Hains Point for 2 miles and the last mile will be from Hains Point to Freedom Plaza. The Community Awareness event with (Entertainment and Feeding of the Homeless), will take place on the grounds of Freedom Plaza between 12pm 7pm. We are honored to have for this years 5K Walk Grand Marshalls WJLA News Personality Julie Wright, D.C. Metropolitan Police Departments Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes, and the children of the late great Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown.

PRPIS is honored to host this event on our city’s historical Freedom Plaza, renamed from Resurrection City, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. It will represent an opportunity for us all to work toward freeing our city of this unwanted homeless plague that is continuously growing in these United States of America.

There will be health screening, local vendors, informational booths, live entertainment of local and national talent, and assistance with providing vital information for those in attendance.  We also will have  homeless organizations and speakers that will be presented throughout the days event.

Pep Rally for Peace of the Streets has extended an invitation to these city officials who can shed light on the state of homelessness in their jurisdiction and our city as whole: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mayor Muriel Bowser, City council and At large city council members from all 8 wards, ANC commissioners, and other civic leaders, community activist, the Chuck Brown Foundation, and area media personalities.

Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets has hosted 11 annual events feeding the homeless. We find that not only does it feed the homeless by way of food nutrition but helps to feed their minds to raise self-esteem.

Welcome to The 12th Annual Feed the Homeless Community                                Awarness Day Photo Gallery



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