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  Listing of Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets Village Members



DSC 0022 d and g 8 CopyMr. Garry  Clark Sr. (PRPIS) Founder/CEO                                                        DSC 0489Mr. Fred  Heather (PRPIS) President                                                          

      - Board of Directors -

mchlMs. Michelle Lee (Administrative Director

Mr. Mark Jones (Assistant Director)

Ms. Crystal King (Secretary)

PRPIS Sue Ms. Sue Heather (Treasurer)

dncMs. Denise Miles (Director Of Marketing)

DSC 0025 d and g 11Mr. Gerald Barnes (Financial Advisor)

20171104 153839Mr. Tony Johnson (Executive Assist./Director of Phtography & Multi Media)

anglMs. Angel Rose Reed (Assistant Senior Adviser)

princessMs. Princessikia Thompson (Young Adult/Youth Coordinator)

HaywdMr. Haywood Burtch (Production Specialist)

ericMr. Eric Butler (Transportation Specialist)


Ms. Josephine Leonard (Community Outreach Director)

Mr. Mickey Dillard (Senior Advisor)

Mr. Lavan Hill (Assistant Director Of Photography)

Ms. Vivian Powell (Vendor Coordinator) 

Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets


"Breaking News"

December 2018


Ms. Tamara Walker has worked diligently to achieve her Chef Certification in Culinary Arts.