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Our village needs your help. for our Survial Back Pac for the Homless and Displace.

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Black History Yesterday, Today and Future

Annuall PRPIS awards the Crispus Attucks Martin Luther King Jr Black History Maker Community Civil Service Award to persons who have deadicated thier lives to the service of the public of Washington D

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The 17th Annual Feed the Homeless Community Awareness Day will be be held on July 9th at McPherson Park from 1 PM to 6 PM 









PRPIS is distributing 1200 Farmers to Families Food Boxes
to thoes in need on 24 April at the
Maple Springs Babtist Church, Capitol Heights MD


Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets joining hands
with Greenbelt Middle School teachers ,
staff and students during COVUD-19


Everyday Discrimination Scale

David R. Williams

Florence and Laura Norman Professor of Public Health; Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 677 Huntington Avenue, Kresge Building Room 615, Boston, MA 02115





Bliss the Blue Violintist
In Miami, for a minute A true Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets Village Member


Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets giving honor to our brother Marvin Tony Rich (1958/2021) best wishes on my king..


Food give a way on partnership with The DC Dream Center......

30 Jan 2021


As we enter into another Black History month here on earth
and we look at the world around us while Covid continues to reap havic ......

I think of how our people (Blacks) have had to
overcome many human viruses such as slavery and
the common right to be treated as equal human ......

I give honor to the Queen of cinema the late greaten

Cicely Tyson
She laid the grounds for others to follow such as Michelle Obama and Vice President Harris......
Let us lift her up in memory not only this Februarys (Black History Month)
But forever more..........
Cicely Tyson a true Black Legend

            Garry Clark Sr


 Pep Rally Fir Peace In The Streets Honors Our Seniors In The Year 2021