It Takes a Village

Our village needs your help. Your time, talent, or financial help all are ways support your village grow.

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Black History Yesterday, Today and Future

Annual PRPIS awards the Crispus Attucks Martin Luther King Jr Black History Maker Community Civil Service Award to persons who have dedicated their lives to the service of the public of Washington DC

Last years  awards was given to Mr Marrion Barry.

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12th Annual “Feed the Homeless Community Awareness Day and 5K Walk for Homeless and Homeless Veterans


Washington, D.C. – Saturday July 8, 2017 between 12pm – 8pm on Freedom Plaza, Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets (PRPIS) and the Chuck Brown Foundation is proud to host its 12th Annual “Feed the Homeless Community Awareness Day and 5K Walk for the Homeless and Homeless Veterans”.  This year’s theme is serving our homeless veterans and heightening the awareness of our city’s homeless youth and senior citizens in our Nation’s Capital and of the many resources that can be provided.  Our country’s Veterans need those of us who enjoy the freedom of life to stand beside them as our youth need us to lead them.  Let us join together hand and hand and change the face of homelessness today not tomorrow.  For the above to happen, remember it takes a village.