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Our village needs your help. for our Survial Back Pac for the Homless and Displace.

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Black History Yesterday, Today and Future

Annuall PRPIS awards the Crispus Attucks Martin Luther King Jr Black History Maker Community Civil Service Award to persons who have deadicated thier lives to the service of the public of Washington D

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As we watch our country unfold on the political front

due to the self-induced increasing inability for those in leadership to get along.........

As we watch NASA's leaps to greater bounds in space
creating the opportunity for our great and greater grandchildren to explore........

As technology allows us to not only speak but yet speak and see

each other at the same time in doing so with social media............

As doctors have brought us ever so closer to solving cancer and other medical problems

and yes Civid-19 shall also pass............

As we find ways to keep the planet earth clean with a focus on global warming

hoping to preserve a place for those who will occupy the future.............

And we look now to our nation’s capital of these United States of America

the most powerful country in the universe ..........

And yet there are animals in our jungles

who have found a way to co-exist somewhat better than we ..........

We tend to follow the footprints of the leaders of our country

and we wonder why we can't get along [ RACISM ]

be it political or otherwise can NO longer exist if we are to survive..............

When We Find Peace In Our Hearts ...........

Then and only then shall we find...........

Peace In Our Streets.......

Garry Clark Sr 2021


Saturday January 16, 2021

Pennsylvania Ave. Bapitst Church

 30th  &  Penn Ave

12 Noon

Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets


The DC Dream Center


2021 Winter Survival Box Food 

 Give - A - Way


Let us give thoughts on whats ahead thoughts on what will never be the same and the rolls we play in it all.

Looking back we see things are not so new yet history dose not have to repeat it self at least not for the bad. 

 The blessing in seeing the years past by and live in the new ones to come is undoutably one of the greatest blessing of all.

Prepare to place youself in the history books of our future it begains in .......2021.

New Year......

Garry Clark Sr.
Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets 



The 9th Annual Hat, Coat, Boot, and Blanket (and Food and Toys too) Drive Part 2 on December 23rd from 1 to 5 PM at Ben's Chile Bowl 1213 U Street NW, Washington DC 20009 




Garry Clart at Ben's Chili Bowl after a day of Coat Give Aways

clark at Bens Chili bowl